Autism in the Family

Navigating Autism (5 hours)

Marymead Autism Centre’s, “Navigating Autism” workshop is for parents, carers and relatives of children recently diagnosed or going through the diagnostic process. The workshop is suitable if you would like to find out more about autism, even if your child does not have an autism diagnosis yet. The workshop can be delivered in a large, group setting or alternatively, in the home in a one-on-one situation.

Autism in the School

Introduction to Autism (45 minutes)

This is a 45-minute session that provides students with a general understanding of the autism spectrum. The cost for this session is $750 excluding GST (this equates to $30 per student for a class of 25 students).

Autism Inclusion Program

The Program will consist of two group workshops for staff and on-the-floor coaching (as required) at the service. The workshops will be delivered by an experienced Marymead Autism Centre facilitator (who will also do the coaching sessions) and cover a range of topics including:

  • what is the Autism spectrum?
  • how staff learn from observing the children
  • the importance of working in partnership with families
  • building relationships with the children over time
  • understanding behaviour
  • strategies to engage students planning for success

The on-the-floor coaching will provide a ‘real time’ approach, allowing both staff and the Marymead Autism Centre Coach to handle varying situations whilst on the floor with the children. The Coach will build rapport with the staff and work collaboratively. This will in turn provide for:

  • an understanding of the current issues as identified by staff
  • planning with an aim to fostering independence and individuality for children on the spectrum
  • working together to create a team approach to inclusion
  • understanding challenging behaviour in the context of OSHC
  • support ongoing learning by using the child’s strengths and interests as a starting point
  • reviewing and adapting existing support strategies to enhance the meaningful participation and ongoing development of the children on the spectrum

The Autism Inclusion Program can be funded by utilising either the Innovative Solutions Support funding or as a fee-for-service program.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide a quote.

Autism in the Community

Access Day Program

The Access Day program provides opportunities for guests on the Autism spectrum, along with their families and friends, to enjoy entry to activities outside of regular opening hours. The aim is to develop resilience in the children and to promote integration for both the families and the businesses. Depending on the activity, some modifications can be made to accommodate people on the Autism spectrum.

To assist the community in building their capacity to accommodate people on the autism spectrum, the Marymead Autism Centre will provide:

  • 45-minute “Introduction to Autism” training to staff
  • support in developing supporting materials such as posters and social story
  • attendance and support at the first Access Day session

The cost for this program is $1,350 excluding GST.

Autism in the Workplace

Introduction to Autism (90 minutes)

This is a 90-minute session that provides participants with a general understanding of the autism spectrum, as well as some broad strategies. The cost for this session is $900 excluding GST.

Working with Autism (3 hours)

This is a 3-hour session that includes training tailored to meet the particular requirements of your business/service. The cost for this session is $1,400 excluding GST.

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