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Assisting Responsible Care of Kids (Post sep counselling for parents)

ARCK is a 4-part program intended to assist individuals to effectively co-parent and decrease conflict after family breakdown.

Part 1 – Detection of Overall Risk Screen (DOORS) Assessment

A short DOORS Assessment will be sent to you to complete to determine eligibility and support requirements. This must be completed.

Part 2 – Talking With Your Kids (TWYK)

An introductory online seminar to provide separated parents with strategies on communicating in a way that does not put children in the middle of conflict. Seminar (2 hours).

Part 3 – Assisting Responsible Care of Kids (ARCK)

A therapeutic intervention program consisting of 6 individual, one hour sessions face-to-face. Must attend TWYK seminar first.

Part 4 – Keeping Kids In Mind (KKIM)

Group work consisting of five face-to-face weekly, three hour sessions. An individual review/feedback session with a clinician will need to be completed after the five weeks in order to complete the program. Must complete the ARCK program first.

Frequently asked questions

Who is our service for?

Parents experiencing family separation or divorce that want to:

  • Find ways to deal with their emotions
  • Build resilience skills for life
  • Reduce conflict
  • Develop and maintain a co-parenting relationship

How do we work?

We provide therapeutic intervention for separated and divorced families.

Our aim is to reduce conflict and assist parents developing and maintaining a co-parenting relationship. The programs take a child-focused view and utilise Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) to bring in the voice of the child.

This is delivered between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

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