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Foster Care age in NSW raised to 21!

The NSW state government has increased the financial assistance to carers and young people to 21 years of age, making it the final state in Australia to do so! This is incredible news as it will provide an additional three years support, and more opportunities for young people.

Rebecca Taylor, Director of Permanency at Marymead, explains the importance of this age increase and what it means for vulnerable young people.

“Yes, this is very exciting news for young people in care in NSW. It is great to see that advocating for an increase in the leaving care age has now come to fruition. The increase to the age reflects the importance of young people requiring support to set them up for lifelong success.”

Marymead actively petitioned for a change in NSW Foster Care laws, as state funding for a child to live in a foster home historically stopped at 18. This proved challenging for young people as they tried to adapt to independent living with no government support, and challenging for those who stay with their foster parents as their funds are stripped.

“This will also expand opportunities for young people where there may currently be barriers. This news is reflective of current need and is a game changer for young people.”

The change is set to take effect in February of 2023. It will help reduce risk of youth homelessness among other issues. This decision is both life-saving and life-changing, giving young people the best chance possible at achieving great outcomes.

“Marymead look forward to seeing the success that this will bring and how this will be implemented in action.”

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