The NDIS is all about you making choices that best fit your needs and lifestyle.

This choice is about you working with us to organise and manage your plan so that it blends the things you would like us to look after and the things you still want to control.

For instance, you may want to make the final decisions on who your personal assistants are, but have us manage the recruitment process and day to day management including all the normal HR requirements.

You may wish to manage certain aspects of your plan but have us handle others. For example, you might like to hold the funds associated with your therapy supports, but have us manage the funds for your cores supports.

In simplest terms, this choice is about you and us working together to implement your plan and make it happen.


This choice is probably best suited to people who want to have control and flexibility but with less demand on their time.

You will have full support from us while you pick and choose the aspects of your care that are most important to you.

Potentially the biggest advantage will be around the access to HR and administrative support that we can provide as you implement your plan.

Importantly, you will have the ability to compare and choose the service that best meets your needs and is best value for money.


While this choice means less time than full management of your plan, you will still need to devote your time to work with us on devising and implementing your plan.

Much of this time will be spent reviewing the various options we provide to you and making decisions on which options will best suit your needs.

This will continue as your plan is implemented and issues arise. For instance, when your staff are taking leave, you will need to work with us to recruit and decide on suitable replacements.

It is also important to understand that service providers have to comply with government regulations and you will have to work according to relevant policies and procedures.

Next Steps

Having decided to share planning with us, the first step will be to contact us and we will meet to discuss and develop a service agreement in line with your NDIA Plan and begin the process of making choices about what you want us to work on and what you wish to retain control of.

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