Behaviour Information and Support

Do you need some assistance in managing or understanding behaviours you may be finding difficult?  If you or someone you support is exhibiting behaviours of concern, for example self-harm, aggression, or physical acting out, you might benefit from the expertise of a CHOICES Behaviour Consultant.

They will work closely with you and your support network, including friends, family and paid staff, to provide assistance and reduce the behaviour of concern. All consultants are suitably qualified and experienced in delivering this service.

This process will vary for each individual but may involve some or all of the follow steps:

  • Getting to know the individual with the behaviours of concern.
  • Observing the individual and their support network during daily routines.
  • Speaking with people who support the individual, including family, friends and paid support.
  • Developing a plan and positive behaviour strategies to address the behaviour of concern. This is done in consultation with the individual and their support network.
  • Providing training and support to those involved in the behaviour modification.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the plan and implementation of the plan.

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